H5M helps NAIA Innovate In College Athletics

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) is in the business of small college athletics.  They operate as the governing body for intercollegiate athletics for some of the top small colleges in the United States, many of whom are committed to delivering a character-driven athletic experience.  But as one of the most progressive governing bodies in college sports, the NAIA seeks to truly understand and support member institutions in their quest to realize the full potential of athletics on campus.

The NAIA turned to the team at H5M to help build a strategic plan that articulated their business-driven commitment to their member institutions and outlined the ways in which the NAIA could help drive that success.  The result?  A comprehensive platform that outlines the recruitment, retention, on-campus experience, financial and operational elements of a successful collegiate athletic program execution.  H5M also helped identify programs that could help drive core metrics for both the Conference and their member institutions.

With the introduction of their brand new eSports conference, called NAC eSports, alongside recent innovations like the NAIA Showcase for student-athlete recruitment and Incred, the credential evaluation service, the NAIA continues to lead the way in helping colleges and universities succeed and thrive in collegiate athletics. We're proud to be part of the team!

NAIA and H5M: High fives all around!