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Last year, we partnered with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) to develop an introduce a concept called Return on Athletics™ (or ROA) --  NAIA’s proprietary approach to the management of collegiate athletics, putting the business of member institutions front and center.

The equation for ROA includes three focus areas - recruitment, campus athletic experience, and the financial/operational experience of the member institution. In each of these areas, variables contribute to the overall financial picture of an NAIA member institution.

NAIA rolled out ROA last year and is in the midst of Phase I, focusing on existing data and analytics to better articulate the NAIA’s value to both current and prospective members.  Once complete, NAIA will launch Phase II, where will answer key questions: Can athletics better increase enrollment? Is it possible to reduce the administrative burden on schools? How can we create more recruitment advantages and enhance the campus experience? (These are just a few of the issues that will be examined.).  And lastly in Phase II, NAIA will be rolling out innovative new programs and platforms that create additional value opportunities for members and strengthen both member institutions and the NAIA organization as a whole.

It's a heady endeavor - but one that is so extremely valuable in the competitive landscape of collegiate athletics.  We're proud to have been partners with NAIA in developing ROA and continue to cheer them on as they advance this ground-breaking thinking.

To learn more, visit their ROA website at http://blog.naia.org

High fives, NAIA!